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Diamonds, they say, are a girls best friend.

Being the daughter of an apparel manufacturer, from an early age I was taught how important “quality” and “perfect finishing” was. Hence, I have learnt to appreciate the perfect finishing that Sushil and his ever accommodating team are able to deliver.

However for me it takes diamonds crafted and set by Ratan Jewelers to be my best friend!

For every occasion, be it a Wedding, Birthday or Diwali my family relies on Ratan Jewelers to add a little sparkle to the occasion. Sushil goes out of his way to ensure that we are able to choose Jewellery of our choice and he delivers them all the way to Sri Lanka!
Thank you for being an awesome team and serving our family for the last so many years !


I have been a loyal customer for over 2 decades and share a great relation with the entire family .

They are my one stop shop for all my jewellery needs .

Their focus on quality and finishing is unparalleled. Price is their strong suit . Be it jewellery or solitaires, they are always able to get me the best deal .

Thank you and god bless.


Generation to generation Ratan Jewellers has been giving us the finest craftsmanship and quality. Their personal touch and evergreen designs have kept me a happy customer for the last 40 years.

Trustworthy is their middle name .


Ratan Jewellers has been our family jeweller over a decade now. Every year it’s more like a customary thing for us to get something made from them 🙂

Superb variety in designs which they keep adding to, excellent finish which makes 10 other people question you from where is your jewellery done.

Be it any festival, wedding in the family, gifting purpose or no reason at all, we know only one place to pick our diamond Jewelry – Ratan Jewellers, because everyone is just like family there.


Excellent designs.

Very informative buy.

Affordable but great quality.

A one stop shop for all diamond jewellery needs.

Will definitely recommend a visit here.


Ratan Jewellers in Mumbai is the place for all types of Jewellery for all occasions. Be it a simple gift for a loved one or a full fledged wedding this is the place to go!

Their Diamond collection is dazzling, selling certified diamonds with the best finish I have ever seen.

They really take care of the customers needs and suggest ideas to ensure you have your own piece of awesome!

I bought my wedding jewellery from them and it didn’t stop there, I go back for anniversaries and now for my son’s baby jewellery too!


I was referred to Ratan Jewellers by a friend because I knew nothing about jewellery in general but had to get a gift for a special occasion.

The team at there patiently sat and explained the different things I need to be aware of when making my choices, so I felt confident in what I finally got.

Excellent experience, a must visit.


A beautiful experience, got my engagement ring made from Ratan Jewellers.

Perfectly executed. Satisfied with the quality and most importantly my timeline was beautifully met.


I could not recommend RATAN JEWELLERS anymore highly.

They made the process of creating our dream engagement ring so easy and delivered amazing results.

Many thanks to Sushil and his team.


RATAN JEWELLERS : Oh! Thank God for making me find you .

While other jewellers always try and get you to spend your maximum , the team at RATAN JEWELLERS helps you save and guides you where you should spend your money .

This is the only company that actually returned the excess funds since they found me a better deal .


Simply put they are the best SOLITAIRE specialists that you will find .

They actually put in tremendous effort into ensuring you get the best bang for your buck .

Thank You Ratan Jewellers


I was looking for a reliable and solid company to regularly supply Solitaires to us.

Ratan Jewellers was exactly what I needed i.e. Superb Service, Fixed Prices, Unbeatable Deals and Prompt Shipping.

Warm regards to the entire team and I wish them the very best for the future.